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Are you going to Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil ?

You should go to Parati !


ParatiNo less impressive than Copacabana and Ipanema, Parati is located between Rio and Sao Paulo. The water front cobblestone streets full of life since the 18th century . On that time, Parati was port for galleons carrying precious cargo from Minas Gerais to Portugal’s royal court. Walking as I use to  with my kids, or biking, we can see beautiful houses, churches, made by slaves. We had such a good time over there. This city is full of art and passion. Parati is one of the 365 outlying islands and deserted gorgeous beaches . Its cheap to get a ride in a boat and to get lost in the area.

In  Tupi language, Paraty means “fish river” or ” fish stew” , the city was named by the  Indians .




Paraty combines the exuberance of the rainforest and charm , either on ,it’s history by retaining a rustic authentic or by providing the simple pleasure of  diving in

the  emerald-green waters with colorful fishes .


 The  entire area can be searched by boat in one of the tours with stops at beaches and islands, or walking by the tracks in the discovers and uncover rainforest ,paradisiacal landscapes almost untouched.


water in the city
water in the city

A curious phenomenon happens in a few periods of the year, and it takes over downtown . The tide rises and the waters invade the streets, which were designed to allow entry and exit of seawater. The houses are constructed 30 cm above the level of the streets to avoid flooding. This phenomenon occurs mainly in the early days of full moon and new moon, it is normal to see people carrying canoes in the streets.




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