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May 6, 2009


Situado na região dos lagos, distante cerca de 100 quilômetros da capital, possui belas praias: Massambaba, Barra Nova,Prainha,Boqueirão, Itaúna, Jaconé, Vilatur e Vila, com condições favoráveis à prática do surfe. Uma das mais famosas é a praia de Itaúna.

Cidade predominantemente turística, é conhecida também como “A capital nacional do surfe“. As ondas de suas praias estão entre as melhores do país. Além dos campeonatos de surfe nacionais e internacionais, as festas religiosas constituem um importante atrativo para o turismo local. As principais atrações turísticas da cidades são: as praias, as lagoas, cachoeiras e cascatas, serras, o Sambaqui da Beirada (sítio arqueológico de 4500 anos), a Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora de Nazareth de 1630, o Templo do Rock (museu-residência do roqueiro Serguei), o Mirante do Morro da Cruz e a rampa de voo livre.

In 50% English

Tourism – Saquarema, with its perfect waves and strong, is considered the surfing capital of the Brazilian. It is the seat since 1970 to date of how major championships of surfing WCT and SuperSurf. Tropical climate, sea level. When very hot, the rains occur mostly in summer.

Saquarema was discovered by the Portuguese in 1531. Martim Afonso de Souza, discoverer, met with a tribe of Indians called Tamoios that the beach of punch-and-row, “lake without shell” in Tupi-Guarani. In 1594 the first priests arrived in Saquarema.

In 1755 the government gave the region the position of the Parish parsonage of N. S. of Nazareth in Saquarema. At the end of the seventeenth century the cultivation of coffee grown in both Saquarema that in 1841 that has a political-administrative emancipation rising to the rank of the City of Our Lady of Arraial Saquarema.

The duration of the Village was short. In 18 years Saquarema back to Town, but the inhabitants protested and managed to return to the Village category in 1861. In 1890 finally became Saquarema city and is one of the main sights of Rio de Janeiro.

Beaches in Saquarema – For the surfer and the tourists, go to the beach in Saquarema is essential. The beach is considered to Itaúna the Maracanã of surfing and is the preference of most Brazilian athletes. Meet some of Saquarema beaches.

Praia da Vila – is the beach for the tourist who likes to Saquarema movida of kiosks, bars and restaurants. The waters are clean with good waves and a tropical landscape. Its length is approximately 1 km, with water clean and transparent, color between green and blue, varying according to the brightness.

Prainha – One of the most beautiful beaches of Saquarema. Lies between the beach and the Vila Itaúna.

Vilatur Beach – Beach quiet, suitable for family programs. Close to lakes and trails. Ideal for fishing, especially for the peace of the place. Start the BB of Massambaba and ends at Red Lake.

Jaconé Beach – Beach perfect for sport fishing, and diving line. It has transparent waters and cold, with the key between green and blue, clear and fine sand.

Beach Itaúna – The Maracanã is in the Brazilian surf Saquarema. Beach along by casuarina and vegetation, is approximately 1.5 km long, located in the west direction of the hill after the Church of N. S. of Nazareth.

Massambaba Beach – Beach of environmental preservation of Saquarema. Perfect for those seeking tranquility and likes the eco-tourism. Its length is approximately 10.5 km, almost deserted, with clear waters and white sand, fine and loose. Displays and rich vegetation of restinga remnants of Atlantic Forest.

Ecotourism in Saquarema

Serra do Roncador waterfall – a union of six cascades of Saquarema of incomparable beauty in the middle of the forest preserved together with the nice weather of the mountains. Access is made only by trail of moderate difficulty and need a guide.

Lake of Jaconé – A greenish pond water that has become cloudy when strong winds in Saquarema. The surrounding vegetation is typical of swamp and marsh. Is very close to the beach and the mountains. It is good for fishing.

Lake water – The lake access is a bit complicated. Located between the Sierra de Mato Grosso Saquarema and waterfall of Tinguá, and access to a steep trail to bike and car. But the view is worth the trip and also because the scenery around is beautiful and the water, and drinking, is mineral properties.

Lake of Saquarema – Very extensive and variable width, the Lake of Saquarema is great to practice water sports. Of warm water and shades that vary with the light of day, this is a 17km lagoon of mandatory stop when visiting Saquarema.

Lake of Jacarépiá – is the only freshwater lake in the Lakes Region. Near the sea, the vegetation is excellent to have some rare species and others already in the process of extinction as orchids, bromeliads, begonia, cinnamon, pepper imbue, and tie. The local fauna also has its precious as the otter and alligator of story yellow. That is, the place is a temple of ecological Saquarema.

Red Lake – This lake is on the border between Saquarema and Araruama. It is a union of three small ponds surrounded by a channel. It has a vegetation of restinga and some bromeliads. Around the Red Lake, operate and even windmills in a traditional salt, which is considered a source of energy for medicinal baths by the existence of both the salt and hydrogen sulfur.

Trilha da Serra Spanish – is a relaxing journey without adventure, given mainly to people of older age. It is a beautiful walk through the Atlantic dependencies without leaving the hotel.

Trail of Red Lake – The Red Lagoon, which is 4 km away from the center of Saquarema, is an area near the sea, in the wild, the vegetation of restinga is quite varied. A walk around the Red Lake is done in about two hours.

Mirante do Morro da Cruz – the story of Saquarema Account. The viewpoint of the Morro da Cruz offers a bucolic landscape, paying to see the Lake of Saquarema bathing the seat of the municipality. You can see the place across the city The Sunset is a must. Ideal for photos and footage, with the fund, the lagoon and the sea.

Cultural attractions in Saquarema

St. Anthony Church – Built in 1922, was a small chapel dedicated to St. Anthony, who is now patron of Saquarema.

House of Culture – Built in 1800, was headquarters of the Prefecture of Saquarema in 1841, since 1982 and now houses the Municipal Library. It is visited both by their library as the exhibition of paintings and objects of art produced by local craftsmen and artists. It has a permanent exhibition of the achievements of writer Walmir Ayala.

Teatro Municipal – With capacity for 160 expectations, the theater was opened in 1990 and retired in 1999. Received this name in tribute to actor John Lake, resident of Saquarema. Has broad cultural programming, and offer courses in theater and dance community. The SALARTE, of the complex, is a space dedicated to art exhibitions.

Church N. S. of Nazareth – The parish of N. S. of Nazareth in Saquarema originated in a small chapel. In 1675 this chapel was replaced by larger proportions of a temple built in stone and lime. The church is a priority on visits to the city, both by the architectural beauty, as by its location in the promontory, projecting on the sea of Saquarema. Provides the third largest of Nazareth Círio Brazil.

Temple of Rock – The home of rock Serguei is open to those who enjoy a good history of Rock and want to see pictures and objects from both the star of the 70s as the other big names.

Getting there in Saquarema – for not paying toll, the best way is by the BR – 116. Cross the Rio-Niteroi Bridge, and so go through the mandatory toll bridge, stay on track to get the central Alameda St. Bonaventure. Follow up Tribobó and then turn right onto the highway Cabo Frio Amaral Peixoto (RJ – 106). Follow up on Bacaxá, district Saquarema and then follow straight.

Paid to take the toll road, keep left to exit the binding of toll bridge Rio-Niterói, Niterói to get the road-Manila. Follow-up to Rio Bonito and pay attention to the board indicating “Cabo Frio” Via Lagos (RJ – 124). Keep up the right to see the toll and then to pass, take the clover on the right and go to Bacaxá.

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