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Obama : “We must pull together”

February 25, 2009

“Will merge stronger than before”

Obama was optimist yesterday night. Besides, we should be waiting for something like that, even if it was just a strategy to keep the US calm in middle a storm. The Leaders, most show confidence to their people. Obama has been doing great in this subject.
By the way, I was wondering … – Gosh? Where was the first lady? I believe she was there, but was funny when he said a kind of disappointed …” she is in somewhere…” 
“Now, it’s time to act boldly and wisely – to not only revive this economy, but to build a new foundation for lasting prosperity”. He said.
On others priorities:
He said reviving the economy will involve more than fixing the credit or mortgage problems.
“The only way this century will be another American century is if we confront at last the price of our dependence on oil and the high cost of health care, the schools aren’t preparing our children and the amount of debt they stand to inherit”.
Obama said: “That’s our responsibility”.
Now President, Could you show us how to do it ? I believe he will!

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  1. February 25, 2009 3:07 pm

    I believe he will as well…
    but in time, gradually,
    it may not all happen during his first term,
    but I believe,
    the process to a new founded beginning
    will indeed be succeeded through his
    strapping efforts~

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