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Good women go to heaven,Bad ones go to …

February 23, 2009
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Daspu Girls Book

Daspu Girls Book

Davida  , is a civil society organization , established in Rio De Janeiro in 1992 , “FromLife “(in English) promotes the citizenship of the prostitutes. The main idea  are action in the education areas , health, communication and culture,  local and national . One of their  objectives it is to conquer better conditions of work and quality of life for the professionals of the sex.They have their fashion brand  Daspu , a newspaper 

 O Beijo da Rua (The Kiss of the Street).


The  Daspu prices‘ are competitive with national and international others brands. This  concludes that the profession of whore has being remunerated well. Beyond the fashion unisex, they possess proper literature about their lives.

Applauded for some, hated for others, the ONG has worked all over the country. Davida possess a permanent campaign about the use of the condom, that has reached positive results . They have been  distributed condom in diverse places, as in the Carnival parades and they have participated of national and international educational lectures.

A measure of the success of Brazil in the combat to the AIDS is to compare the situation here with the one of other developing countries, many of which had sent delegations to study the Brazilian program. In 1990, for example, Brazil and  South Africa approximately had the same index of prevalence of HIV between its adult population, little more than 1%.

Today, some studies indicate that 20% or more than the South African adults in reproductive age are infected by HIV or have AIDS, an esteem total of more than 5 million of the 44 million inhabitants of the country. In Brazil, on the other hand, the index fell almost half, and the number of patients who are being treated  has kept constant, in about 600thousand between a total population of 180 million.

desfile-daspuBut the Brazilian boarding is not accepted for many conservatives in the United States, because it uses seen methods as morally questionable. According to Brazilian Law, two people carrying through sex for money is not crime, but an infraction as a transit breaking (although the act of contract to be crime). Prostitution in Brazil is not legalized, but also it is not illegal.

Moreover, the Brazilian working law recognizes “professional of the sex” as profession. This allows that prostitutes and girls of program contribute for the official retirement and receive the benefits when if to retire.

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  1. March 7, 2009 10:37 pm

    consenting adults should be free to do as they wish as long as it doesn’t harm society…prostitution would be much safer for the prostitutes and society if it were legal…they call it the oldest profession in the world for a reason…because it’s always been around and always will be around…we live in the free world and have choices…if you choose not to partake in prostitution that is your business…if you choose to partake in prostitution that is your choice and no one should be able to tell you anything different…very nice article…

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